4 Reasons To Migrate Your Ecommerce For The Cloud

For a business to grow with security, continuity and scalability, it is necessary that all processes are working very well – since each sector has its priorities. When it comes to e-commerce, for example, it is vital that the site offers an incredible experience for the user.
And for this to happen perfectly, a server in the cloud has a number of differentials that can make a lot of difference in the day-to-day running of the virtual store manager.
Want to understand the reasons for migrating your e-commerce to Cloud Server? So keep reading our post today!
One of the biggest questions about Cloud Computing is about possible security breaches when cloud cloud data security is the issue. However, this statement can be considered a myth, since it is possible to state quietly that the hosting of cloud data is secure.
First, service providers should be consulted, given the levels of security offered. From the simplest, such as SSL certification, it involves a prior analysis of possible vulnerabilities in the analyzed web environment, to the use of advanced levels of server security that serve to block attacks and that are available in Cloud Servers Managed.
Scalability is one of Cloud Computing’s most compelling attributes. Unlike the traditional model in which businesses are stuck to rigid resource standards such as processing and memory, you can increase and decrease the resources of a server in the cloud on demand. For example, you can increase the processor and memory for peak visits during a BlackFriday promotion and shortly after the campaign decreases the store’s computing resources.
That is, regardless of the size of your e-commerce, it is possible that only the necessary amount of data is used, within a stipulated time, thus contributing to cost savings.
In traditional servers, if the machine on which the ecommerce is running stops working, the site immediately goes out of time while the server is being serviced.
Because of its technology characteristic, it is more unlikely that a Cloud Server is unavailable because ecommerce is using features from multiple machines at the same time. So if one physical machine stops working, the other machines in the Data Center keep ecommerce running.
Cloud servers perform well and this performance gain will directly influence your visits and sales.
The first reason is SEO, Google and other search engines prioritize websites with fast servers in the top positions of the search. So a faster server can yield more visits without the need for much effort.
The second reason is that a page that does not load in less than four seconds can hold fewer customers and generate fewer visitors. The time it takes to open a page is indispensable to the success of an online business, however, this is one detail overlooked by many.
Research indicates that a two-second delay during an online transaction can result in an abandonment rate of up to 87%. Today, most people leave a page for the time it takes to open content. In this scenario, in addition to a good server, web developers should work to make pages more efficient, with fewer requests and slower loading speed.

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