6 Advantages for Your Company in Having a Cloud Server

Have you ever heard of servers in the cloud? This is an increasingly common type of service and has been expanding in companies. In countries such as England, Germany, the United States and Japan, the cloud server service has been used on a large scale by both large corporations and small and medium-sized companies, seeking greater flexibility in work and cost reduction. And in Brazil it’s no different!
How Cloud Server Works
The cloud server is nothing more than a server in the cloud. This in practice means that there is a set of virtualized servers and systems present in a data center (physical server that is located in the service provider).
Thus, the cloud server contractor will have an individual profile within that set of servers, with custom settings, which make it operate as a dedicated server online, but with the additional benefits of the service, such as flexibility, security, and the scalability of all its resources and services.
Cloud Server Benefits
The old servers demanded of the companies special physical spaces, with several cables and connections passing, besides air conditioning systems for the cooling of the machines and, in many cases, the accompaniment of an IT professional, which made all this structure more complex And costly.
The cloud is a solution that eliminates this outdated system and allows companies, regardless of their size or physical space have access to a much more dynamic, cheap and modern system.
Meanwhile, cloud providers are hosting data centers and special structures with all their customers’ servers, making the whole process more dynamic, intelligent and delivering excellent performance for entrepreneurs.
Cost Reduction
One of the great advantages of the cloud server service is that the company only pays for the resources it uses, both in terms of memory and processing speed and in the flow and storage of data.
In the case of micro and small enterprises, this is an even more important benefit, which generates greater flexibility and productivity. But with economy for the entrepreneur’s pocket.
Several micro and small businesses start with low budgets. But over time, the business expands and the need for greater data and resource capacity grows proportionately.
Thanks to scalability, the cloud server service can be expanded according to your needs, offering more features and applications as the company’s demand increases.
The cloud server service has more and more stability in the market and is highly valued for it. That is, your system will work perfectly whether with low demands or even with a large volume of data.
The company will never need to stop its work because of a troubled server. When the cloud server’s own system detects a failure, it automatically provides another server without affecting data security or leaving the company’s system in hand. The cloud server runs 24 hours, 7 days a week.
Cloud service can be accessed from anywhere, even though mobile devices such as tablets and mobile phones, as long as there is access to the internet.
Many micro and small businesses still use the transport of data and files through removable media, such as memory cards, memory cards and DVDs, which makes this movement dangerous, since the media, because they are physical, can be accidentally damaged and the Data, lost. With the cloud server, this does not happen.
Information Security
With all the data in the cloud, micro and small entrepreneurs are able to access confidential company data, files and even financial data in a completely secure way, without risk of data loss or corruption.
In the case of organizations that work with heavy media, such as 3D graphics, photos and videos, the cloud server allows them to be accessed and trafficked much more quickly and without security risks.

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