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4 Reasons To Have A Website With Cloud Hosting

The idea of ​​using cloud services is still linked, in the minds of many, with complex and therefore costly services. But this is far from true. Even relatively simple services, such as hosting a website, find many benefits in this environment compared to traditional servers.
See, in today’s article, why cloud hosting is worth it.
How many pages does your site have? Does it need to load many images? Do you have dynamic databases that handle complex information all the time? Well, if it’s hosted in the cloud, it does not matter as much.
After all, it is very easy to scale services according to need. If you need only a few static pages, start with a simpler plan. Over time, as the site – as well as its needs – evolves, you just need to upgrade to a more robust solution.
More than the ability to scale the service on demand, cloud hosting makes it easy to change plans, and it also has incredible flexibility in using the platform.
If, by chance, you need to hire a larger plan or even return to a simpler one, this can be done without complication, with just a few clicks, exclusive courtesy of the cloud to make life easier for users and make services more accessible.
And this facility is not only in the choice of plans, but can be clearly seen even in the more technical aspects, such as the configuration of the work environment.
Of course, by stopping to think about the effects that simplifying interfaces and ease of scaling your hosting use have on operating costs, you will find that the economy is very large.
First, from the point of view of scalability, you will never have to pay more than you actually do, something that a conventional server will hardly offer, and certainly not so simplified.
With respect to daily use, the term “time is money” comes to life, since it is only focus on the work to do, without having to focus on technical aspects, much less hire someone skilled just to deal with the system.
Last but not least, one of the biggest fears of those who still resist using the cloud is with regard to security. Is this method really safe? Yes. Incidentally, it is much safer than a conventional server.
While many are frightened by the possibility of important data crashing into the network or being intruded by malicious people, the cloud environment has many layers of protection specially designed to prevent it from occurring, not counting automatic information backups. Also, it’s much harder for a cloud-hosted website to get out of the air.
Faced with these facts, it is easy to see that there are no valid reasons to stop taking advantage of what cloud hosting can offer. Because it’s incredibly easy to scale, flexible to use and maintain, cost-effective, and security to spare, this solution is the best outlet for anyone who needs a website.

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Dell EMC desenvolve o Next, banco digital do Bradesco

A Dell EMC foi responsável pela arquitetura tecnológica da plataforma analítica, baseada em algoritmos de inteligência digital com soluções de big data e ciência de dados.

A empresa também foi responsável pelo desenvolvimento de soluções de infraestrutura convergente VxBlock 340, que integra tecnologias de computação, rede, armazenamento e virtualização em uma única solução.

“A Dell EMC tem contribuído com o processo de transformação digital de empresas de diversos segmentos. Projetos como o Next do Bradesco, apoiados em soluções de big data, ciências de dados e algoritmos de inteligência, permitem às empresas inovar, criar novas linhas de produtos e manter contato permanente com a sua base de clientes, além de se manterem competitivas”, afirma Erick Pascoalato, diretor de vendas enterprise para as áreas de finanças e telecomunicações da Dell EMC Brasil.