How the Cloud Server Can Accelerate the Growth of Your Company Without Unlocking Your Costs

Cloud computing is no longer a trend, and it is starting to become a reality for organizations today. Storing files in the Cloud Server is developing rapidly and becoming increasingly commonplace and accessible, even influencing business growth and delivering great value for money.
Learn how Cloud Server can be a differential for business growth and what the advantages of investing in it. Check it!
Before the Cloud Server, it was imperative to invest in a complex internal data center structure that housed all of the institution’s servers and data. This type of environment, besides requiring a specific room for the installation of the machines, also needs an efficient air conditioning system to avoid overheating and constant maintenance demand – an expensive and complex hardware structure.
Cloud Server replaces data storage on physical servers where data is more vulnerable to theft and intrusion by unauthorized people. No hardware investment is necessary, since the framework is fully virtualized and ready to be used on any computer or mobile device, access only requires a login and password.
In addition to not needing a physical space, Cloud Server is a great choice for startups, micro and small businesses, who want to save money, because they will only have a monthly subscription for the services and applications they use.
The fact that there is no need for a physical system generates another type of economy: electricity, since with Cloud Server your company is no longer forced to have a complex data center system, connected uninterruptedly In a specific room and properly air-conditioned, since it is a virtualized system. That is, the light beads will be much cheaper.
With data virtualization, a single machine is capable of running more than one application at the same time. This way, you will not have to keep two or three computers connected to perform the functions – invest in a powerful machine that is capable of performing the various tasks at the same time, even for the heavier media (such as videos, photos and graphics In 3D).
The reduction in the use of various equipment is especially interesting for smaller or start-up companies and can not afford costly structures.
With Cloud Server, the possibility of crashing or crashing is zero. Collaborators will no longer have to stop work several times because of IT problems – with higher quality and unnecessary interruptions, work will be optimized and will take less time to complete. This directly implies the productivity of the organization, and the more it produces, the greater the profit, thus allowing its progressive growth.

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