Important Considerations for Colocation in Data Centers

Companies that choose between build your own infrastructure, or rent servers in Data Centers, they forget that they also have another alternative. The Solutions Colocation offer professional meeting rooms to house their own equipment. However, not all Data Centers offer the same infrastructure to accommodate its servers. To opt for the service of Colocation, it is essential to assess the available options in the market based on the six points which we describe below:


Service Level agreement

The availability of the service/server by itself is already something that is considered critical and a small interruption in service may cause losses astronomical to most of the major companies. Many Data Centers offer to their clients Colocation an availability guarantee of 100%, and nothing less is acceptable today.

Typically a Data Center should have connections (links) redundant with at least one provider Backbone network ( dielectric or underground fibre optic cables) in a structure of the Autonomous System (AS). This infrastructure has the objective to ensure that systems hosted in the Data Center remain accessible, even if there are failures in one of the Internet connections, guaranteeing total stability to the structure of your servers at the time of a change of the link for example.


Power management

A large part of the Data centers are at the mercy of the institutions that provide services of public lighting. The blackouts that usually happen can cause the servers to be shut down unexpectedly, resulting in downtime or even Data corruption.

A Data Center certificate usually account with generators of large size to keep the equipment functioning in case the infrastructure suffers power outages. The use of multiple generators make the power even more reliable, but the acquisition and maintenance of them are not always as accessible to the majority of businesses, especially those that are starting. These spaces require a lot of energy with fairly competitive prices and are in need of an excellent cooling system, since all the energy directed to the IT equipment, eventually turn into heat.

Currently, we have implemented generators emergency diesel Tier 2 that can switch the critical load in the rare eventualities in case the mains power is unavailable. This ensures the delivery of constant energy on our facilities and operations.


Data protection

Data Centers use software and hardware tools to protect their systems against intrusion from the network, or malware. Usually Data Centers are investing in these technologies intelligently, making all of your applications effectively accessible to all sectors of this segment.

One can consider that in general, the computers themselves are more vulnerable to a physical invasion of that with the risks offered by the network. When it comes to physical security (access to the environment), typically a failure in this aspect can happen, as some companies have inexperienced tend not to invest in security.

The HostDime will use the latest cutting-edge technologies in electronic security in our facilities. We mention some that are: Reading, facial recognition digital to gain access to the rooms, more than 100 security cameras 360 degrees around the environment, and accesses automated for ease of entry and exit of vehicles. The perimeter is complete the site will be monitored 24 hours by security teams. The HostDime will also use Drones equipped with cameras monitoring the entire area outside of our facilities.

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