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Cloud Computing – How Does This Technology Help Protect Your Company Data?

Currently, cloud computing technology in Portuguese is the one that stands out the most when it comes to the security and privacy of a company’s data. Operations performed in the cloud promote security in three important ways: shared infrastructure, large capacity in data storage, and modernization of IT environments.
Want to know and know better how cloud computing helps protect your business data and can bring several benefits to managers, employees and vendors in terms of security? Check it out!
Processing of Legacy Systems
When run in a local environment, legacy, heavier and heavier applications end up slowing and slowing the performance of other processes, and in addition, require more hardware investment by the organization.
Legacy systems, when virtualized, can run in the cloud, giving users a much more effective defense strategy, since Cloud Computing makes it easy to use multiple security tools.
The transition from legacy systems to the cloud brings as a benefit the agility of all security procedures, from the detection of the threat to the decision of the action to be taken.
Quick Detection Of Threats
In the network (both on the intranet and on the internet) there are several security threats. And as they grow and spread, analyzing the data and translating it into protection can be a long and time-consuming process, which is totally unfeasible for most SMBs and startups.
However, with Cloud Computing technology, this whole scenario changes as your virus updates and system threats are faster and easier. And thanks to this, it is possible to pinpoint out-of-normal behavior patterns in the system, quickly detect possible problems, and create locks and protections essential for the security of the company.
Cloud computing can centrally provide a very large number of information about viruses, malware, site and file reputation lists, geolocation services, and all the details about corporate network security.
Cloud Computing – Flexible Protection
Of all existing threats and viruses, only a small number of them are capable of actually attacking a company, and it is not possible to identify which ones will spread across the corporate network.
Cloud computing provides adequate security according to the organization’s risk profile, protecting a specific system more quickly, effectively, and cost-effectively. Just like hackers and hackers, who use various tools to hack into corporate systems, it is ideal for the business to have defenders in their network, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
It is precisely for this reason that managers and business owners must take advantage of all the benefits and possibilities that cloud computing can offer to maintain data and information security for SMEs and startups.