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Backup and Its Extreme Importance

Why Backup Should Be Done?
Performing a backup (backup) is a way to not lose important data in case of any kind of crash. More consolidated companies often have daily backups made by IT staff support.
It is important to keep the backup up to date, because it is virtually impossible to know when programs and / or computers can stop.
What are the most common problems?
The problems that usually hit companies or even a job of their own are:
Technical problems: Problems may arise in software and / or hardware;
Viruses: Attack the program or system by various means, exchange files, unwanted e-mail, pirated programs, etc .;
Corrupted files: some file corrupted by virus or file with some flaw;
Human failure: some individual ends up making some mistake that compromises the system;
Reasons of force majeure: accidents, thefts, loss, among many other examples.
What then is the real purpose of a Backup?
It is the data copy to restore. In case of loss, as mentioned above examples, unauthorized alteration or damage to some kind of digital file or system.
There are automatically performed backups, usually scheduled to save after an X time, set by the programmer. For example, a text editor can record a file automatically.
Other types of mechanisms are also used, and it is possible to highlight:
External HD: It is quite common for personal use and by having the advantage of being portable, more account for local storage;
Local servers: brings security and privacy to those who do not want to do a cloud backup;
Services in the cloud: more advisable, low cost, high scalability, security, greater storage, can be accessed anywhere in the world, practicality. It is a versatile and simple security solution.
Keep the security of your information
The backup of the files is directly linked to the security of the information. Particularly if the company work with customer financial data, personal, confidential information, decision making.
Machines are never totally immune from any problem. It is necessary and important to invest in a backup.
How often to perform a backup?
Having a backup routine increases the chances that information will be recovered as quickly as possible.
Do not lose more risk of losing your information. One idea is to keep everything in one place, of course it depends on the size of your company or the way in which the backup is going to be used, it’s best to centralize everything into one structure.
It will facilitate the search for desired information to be retrieved. In an organized way to keep data safe.
Lastly, always be prepared for any problem, always subject to an unforeseen occurrence. Try to have backup close by whenever necessary.
Do not remember the IT collaborator only in the hour of despair.
Backup is something so important that it should be done by a head of state!