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Cloud Server X Dedicated Server – Understand the Difference Between Them!

Making the content of your company available on the internet, be it a simple page or a complex service, requires the hiring of a hosting plan. The company providing this service will be responsible for providing the necessary resources for storage, data traffic, among other issues, for your business to be present on the internet.
Understanding which type of server is right for your business can be a key factor in getting the best results on the internet. And, among the various hosting modalities, two stand out: Cloud Server and Dedicated Hosting. So in today’s post, understand the difference between Cloud Server and Dedicated Hosting and choose the one that best fits your business!
All data on the internet, whether texts, photos, videos or really complex applications, are stored physically somewhere. No matter if the server is a simple hard drive or an ultramodern solid-state device, there will always be a physical way to store the data – the difference between Cloud Server and Dedicated Server is in the way the hardware is manipulated.
When a dedicated server is contracted, the contracting company “leases” a server (or a block of them) that will be used exclusively to store and traffic the data and resources of this enterprise. In this case, there is no possibility of another hosting service client occupying these servers.
Already in the case of hiring a Cloud Server, the storage still exists, which is obvious. But in this mode, the machines responsible for storing and performing traffic will not be exactly the same. A large network of servers will be available to host the service in question and the physical location of the hosting can be changed without the slightest perception of customers and users.
The differences between using fully dedicated machines and operating with cloud hosting culminate in different reactions and results.
When hiring any type of service, it is necessary to understand the nature of the costs involved and how they are measured. When comparing hosting in dedicated servers and Cloud Servers, we find one of the main differences between these two modalities.
Hiring a dedicated server implies a closed value for that block of machines responsible for storing the service. Consequently, the amount paid by the contractor is fixed and, in case of expansion, it is necessary to hire a new server.
On the other hand, when hiring a Cloud Server, the collection is performed quite differently. Because the available resources are stored in a distributed system, that is, not necessarily in the same physical space, this mode has a characteristic called scalability. This means that the amount of resources allocated to a given service can be increased or reduced according to the contractor’s need.
Thus, the Cloud Server service can be paid according to its use, giving the opportunity for temporary expansion or retraction without financial losses.
Dedicated Hosting and hosting in Cloud Server have a quality in common: they are fairly secure against attacks on adjacent clients. However, cloud servers have a nice edge when it comes down to downtime.
Every server is somehow vulnerable, but dedicated hosting is undoubtedly extremely robust. However, in the event of any failure, whatever its nature, but sufficient to leave the service off the air, unfortunately there will be an operational interruption. In this case, there will certainly be a downtime whose duration will depend on several factors.
With the hiring of a Cloud Server, the chances of attacks remain the same. However, there is the possibility of moving the resources from one physical server to another. Scalability allows that, if one server block is compromised, the service functions are assumed by another. With this, the average downtime is considerably mitigated.
Every business or enterprise aims to grow, achieve goals, expand business and thrive. When working with web hosting you need to keep in mind that increasing the contracted service can be a drag – or not, depending on the mode of hired servers.
Dedicated Hosting is notoriously a stiffer service, which does not allow expansions. As it is a case of physical servers exclusively dedicated to a particular client, this characteristic becomes understandable.
However, hosting in Cloud Server can offer a high level of malleability as the service is hired on demand. If your venture goes through periods of greater or lesser flow, or even needs to expand, simply request an upgrade or downgrade of the features offered. This can definitely be a great way to save your budget.